Voodoo Doc Chimera Wrap with FFB Sheath

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The Chimera is a collaboration between Turner CNC, Inc. and Voodoo Doc of the Callidus Collective.

The Chimera features a 3D machined CPM 3V blade. The blade is double edged with a recurve for increased cutting performance. CPM 3V is a Crucible powdered metal steel that has high toughness while still having good edge retention. Our blades are all professionally vacuum heat treated and then liquid nitrogen treated for maximum toughness.

The handle is wrapped with a jute under wrap and over that a Japanese style wrap is done with cord. The wrap is sealed with marine grade epoxy and won't come loose over time. 

The sheath is a specialty Fast Front Break system developed for the Gov contract to allow a battle belt or duty belt holstering with fast deployment of the tertiary system that mimics the draw stroke used to carry a pistol on duty.

Be careful when drawing the blade and sheathing, the knife cams into position it does not insert from the rear of the sheath.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC): This is a premier finish option and one of the best available in the industry. It resists scratches and corrosion better than almost any other coating. It is permanently bonded to the surface of the steel and will not flake or peel.

Length: 7”
Blade Length: 3.5”
Blade Thickness: .175”
Blade Steel: CPM 3V
Blade Finish: Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
Hardness: 60 HRC
Handle Material: Epoxy reinforced Jap Wrap
Sheath: Fast Front break Kydex with Tek-Lok
Weight W/Sheath: 6.2 oz.
Weight: 3.9 oz.


Made in Gardnerville NV, USA