Ed's Manifesto Elvia C Trainer

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The Elvia C trainer is a collaboration between Turner CNC, Inc. and Ed Calderon of Ed's Manifesto. 

*Sheath not included, for demonstration purposes only

This is an unsharpened aluminum training knife version of the Elvia, made from one solid billet of 6061 aluminum with red anodize. Blunt for safely demonstrating concepts and targeting with a punching bag/BOB trainer. Not for full contact, can cause serious injury. Designed to fit and work in the sheath that comes with live blade Elvia C knives, if loose in the sheath a wrap of electrical or Goon Tape will increase retention.  Engraved with Ed's Sneakreaper Skull and our TCNC logo opposite.

Composition: 1/2" 6061 Aluminum 
Length: 5.3"
Weight: 1.62 oz.


Made In Gardnerville, NV USA