Ed's Manifesto Elvia C Sheath

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The Elvia C is a collaboration between Turner CNC, Inc. and Ed Calderon of Ed's Manifesto.

This Elvia C Sheath DOES NOT come with a clip, but will include the hardware to mount clips. 

The Adjustable Elvia C Sheath is the original design from the previous batches with all the mounting options to run the blade horizontal or vertical in many locations. These are updated with new retention points and fit nearly all Elvia C without adjustment. The lead in ramp is also smaller allowing a more full grip on the blade for the draw.

The Pocket Elvia C Sheath is the same sheath but reduced in size and mounting options. The Pocket Sheath has a built in pocket hook and two mounting positions for clips in a more vertical position. You will need to use the included ranger band to help secure a clip from rotating away from the sheath.

*Pictures of clips for reference, clips NOT included


Made in Gardnerville, USA