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The Elvia C is a collaboration between TCNC and Ed Calderon of Ed's Manifesto. The Elvia is Ed's signature blade design, directly inspired by a knife his mother carried with her every day.

The Elvia C is a compact version of our full size Elvia. The blade is made from CPM 3V with a CNC machined hollow grind and reinforced point.

The handle scales are CNC textured and affixed with TCNC custom made 17-4 stainless hardware that is removable with a penny for field maintenance and storage of small items.

There are two Kydex sheath options, these sheaths are available standalone as well.

The Adjustable sheath option is cant adjustable and can be carried in a horizontal or vertical position. The standoff spacers allow for the clip to be mounted on either side of the sheath allowing carry for left or right hand. The Tracker Dan Gen 2 clip is included but not installed on the sheath to allow the user to set up carry how they prefer.

The second new sheath option is the Pocket Sheath and it features a pocket catch hook for grabbing on to clothing during the draw. The Tracker Dan Gen 1 clip is included as well as a rubber washer and ranger band for securing the clip to the sheath. The clip is not installed on the sheath to allow the user to set up carry how they prefer.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC): This is a premier finish option and one of the best available in the industry. It resists scratches and corrosion better than almost any other coating. It is permanently bonded to the surface of the steel and will not flake or peel.

Heat Treat Oxide: This is the raw finish that develops on the blades during the vacuum heat treat and cryogenic process. It is more susceptible to scratches and wear over time. This finish is not uniform, and changes from blade to blade.

CPM 3V is a stain resistant steel, but is not stainless and does require some care to avoid corrosion. Keep a light coat of any oil on the blade. 

G10 handle scales are textured and provide a secure grip even when wet. The Natural G10 is able to be dyed using RIT Synthetic dye. 

Elvia C Sheath Assembly YouTube Link



Length: 5.6”
Blade Length: 2.2” 
Blade Thickness: .150”
Blade Steel: CPM 3V HRC 60
Width at scales: .47”
Hardware: Micro TCNC 17-4 stainless steel with penny slot
Weight: 1.8 oz 
Weight with pocket sheath: 2.7 oz
Weight with adjustable sheath: 2.8 oz

 *Items inside handle shown for reference only

Made In Gardnerville, NV USA