Billy Trident Yo-yo YO

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The Billy Trident Yo-yo is a multi use everyday-carry tool/toy. It is made from solid 6061 aluminum that is anodized in one of four colors. They are strung with 400 lb. test Kevlar and have a solid machined ring on the other end. The engraving is done post-anodize with Trident's D-Dealer Yo-yo and the opposite side with the TCNC logo.

This first release will come with the limited edition D-Dealer Yo-yo slap/sticker.

These are not trick Yo-yos as they are designed for ultimate strength and durability, they have a solid central axle connecting the two halves. 


Diameter:  1 5/8"

Width:  1"

Ring Internal Diameter:  1"

Weight:  3 oz. Yo-yo

String Length:  4'

*Make sure to periodically check that your knots are holding, they are superglued to hold them in place but can wear over time.

*LIsting is for one Yo-yo

Made In Gardnerville, NV USA