Callidus Collective Combatives Class Level 2

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Location: Gardnerville, NV
Date: TBD

Course Description from Voodoo Doc:

Strictly limited time engagement only possibly one time only select blade, empty hands, combative class from Callidus Collective- taught by Voodoo Doc from Ed's manifesto as well as the chief combatives instructor Big Phil.
The class will be a level 2.0 combatives curriculum class expanding on the level 1 class that Big Phil has taught previously but this will be open to invited individuals without attending the level 1 previously as a prerequisite. 
This will focus on the edge and point blade methodology that is built into the day job work that these guys do for extensions of their force continuum, mostly equating to tertiary weapon systems with regards to rifle and pistol being carried as well. 
The material and skills taught will focus on blade mindset and methodology to incorporate with the  "one mind any weapon" principle and keeping the dynamics of movement the same with all skills and weapon platforms presented. 

The students will receive information on empty hand, short blade (fast knife), long blade (fast blade and street sweeper) as well as clandestine weapons, slap/sap, baton stick, transitions to other weapon systems, expand on the level 1 combatives principles and go further into the pain compliance and anatomical targeting skills as they relate to the specific atra manus skills and some of the black hand skills shown to the class..
This class will be taught by Voodoo Doc and have some of the high level practices there to help with cadre teaching and assisting.
*No refunds for the class, your seat can be transferred to another class offered by the Callidus Collective if needed